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Mini Drifter buoy MD03

Mini drifter MD03

MD03 is a small and compact buoy to track sea currents, oil spills and rescue operations based on GSM communication network.

A small diamenter of 10cm and height of 28cm, with a low weight of just 1.5kg make the whole system intrinsically safe and very user freindly for deployment and recovery.

A new buoys´concept:

  • Intrinsically safe
  • GPS positioning
  • GSM data transmission
  • Temperature sensor


  • Based on GIS
  • Emiting frequency configuration

Carrying on with concept of buoy characterized for its quality and small size, Albatros marine technologies has developed Mini drifter mobile (MDm), it is a MD03 low cost model.

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Set MD03i: 795€+VAT

Mini drifter iridium MD03 buoy

Include: Flexible drogue





software compatible con todas las boyas de Albatros Marine Technologies para el seguimiento de corrientes marinas, derrames de petróleo y operaciones de rescate Software

150€ + VAT


conversor modem y adaptador USB serieModem and USB serial adaptor

150€ + VAT


cargador de batería de Litio, 1 salida o 4 salidas Charger 1 output

180€ + VAT

Charger 4 outputs

350€ + VAT