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EasyCurrents is a reduced dimensions buoy designed for sailors by sailors



EasyCurrents is a reduced dimensions buoy designed for sailors, by sailors, together with marine engineers and scientists support. EasyCurrents measures water current intensity and direction, and displays this information in a user friendly web interface, accessible by portable devices  such as mobile phones and tablets via a wireless network.

EasyCurrents has been developed in partnership with OceanDrivers and VMG Electronics. It is mainly aimed to high performance sailing, which provides coaches real-time, accurate current speed and direction in order to help sailors improve their performance and results and is currently being used by several professional sailin teams, both in the TP52 and Mini Maxi Circuits (Provezza, Ran, Alegre), and the olympic classes circuit (Brazil, Spain and Israel).

Furthermore EasyCurrents has entered the scientific sector, hand in hand with one of the reference institutions regarding Coastal Observing and Forecasting Systems within the Balearic Islands; SOCIB, which has recently acquired 2 units for its intrumentation department.