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Iridium buoy Ocean drifter ODi

Ocean drifter iridium (ODi)

ODi are small and compact surface drifter to track sea currents based on iridium, a global full ocean coverage bidirectional satellite communication network.

A small diameter of 20 cm with a low weight of 3 kg makes the whole system very user freindly for deployment and recovery. Its 5 liter volume allows the use of a holeysock drogue.

ODi is ideal for scientific missions, oil spill tracking and search and rescue operations. Its solar rechargeable energy system makes the autonomy theoretically unlimited.

A new buoys concept:

  • Intrinsically safe
  • GPS Positioning
  • Satellite iridium Communication (email)
  • Autonomy theoretically unlimited (solar panels)
  • Temperature sensor


  • Based on GIS
  • Emitting Frequency configuration
  • Data Preview
  • Compatible with Google Earth
  • Include analog input and digital input and output for specific user required sensors


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Set ODi buoy: 1745€+VAT

Ocean drifter iridium ODi buoy

Include: Flexible drogue + ballast


Ocean drifter iridium_price






Draga_HoleySock_WOCE_price Holey Sock drogue 795€ + VAT




Software 3.8.15Software 150€ + VAT