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With our CAD software (Computer Aided Design) we design three-dimensional mechanical parts, components and assemblies for further development and manufacturing.


With our CAD software (Computer Aided Design) we design electronic circuits block diagrams, schematics and printed circuits needed to control actuators, sensors and communications that we incorporate into our products and projects. We have also resources for PCB welding and testing and microprocessor programming.


Albatros Marine Technologies has advanced equipment which allows optimal manufacturing process for any mechanical parts or components required for your project. From conventional manufacturing (lathe, milling, welding,…) to CNC machining and 3D printing.


We also offer rapid prototyping capabilities directly printig objects from a CAD file with a 3D printer. We can replicate parts, by silicone mold making and using the technique of vacuum casting of polyurethane resins and other plastic materials.



Albatros Marine Technologies has an extensive know-how in design and manufaturing buoys, allowing us to offer the best solution in electronics housings and programming software for management and control of data with compatible display GoogleEarth.

We offer design and manufacturing services for housings to incorporate electronic components adapted to our customers requirements. Housings can be manufactured in anodized aluminium or technical plastics (acetal, acrylic, nylon, PVC) and designed to integrate electronic components and devices as required by our customers with the desired connectors.

AMT experience include design and manufacturing underwater cameras and vision systems, including high efficiency LED lighting.

Our experience designing and manufacturing underwater equipment, ROVs and AUVs components is recognized and valued by our customers and partners. We offer design and manufacturing services of watertight housings, thrusters and auxiliary components. We also design and program electronic control, data acquisition and communication systems.